WordCell is a new platform developed in-house which allows you to deploy a WordPress website build to a new domain or a microsite onto an existing domain at the press of a button. It creates a brand new version of WordPress, custom configured so that you can just start building a new site from a standard boiler plate configuration of your specification, and therefore cutting out much of the setup hassle involved.


Benefits at a glance

  • Perfect for managing a lot of different company websites in one place
  • Simple updating of content of each website
  • Intuitive content management system with all the benefits of WordPress
  • Built in tools and features out of the box
  • Easily spin up new sites and quick lead time when you acquire new companies
  • Super secure flat site on live that passes the most stringent Penetration Tests
  • Real life case studies 

The Features

WordCell allows you to have a staging version of the site built in WordPress so you can leverage the power and ease of WordPress but have a live site which is flat HTML – like its own secure ‘Cell’, giving increased speed performance and security to your websites. This allows separation and process control when updating your website and results in a website that combines all of the advantages of the static and dynamic models.


Intuitive Usability plus Flexibility & Security

A dashboard allows website managers to schedule live updates to specific dates/times per site. Manage all your websites in one convenient place.

Within WordCell we can deploy white-label themes enabling clients to produce websites based on the same set of design modules but with different branding for each of their sub-brands. The theme includes an advanced form builder and a page builder interface that allows for building flexible pages based on a modular based approach instead of the more constructive template based approach. 

If you want a solution that is intuitive, flexible and secure then this is the way ahead.