Supply Chain App

TNT Express, one of the world’s largest delivery companies, required a way to show customers and potential customers how they could manage all their shipment requirements. The sales team needed to map out supply chains specific to each customer during appointments, in a quick and efficient manner with the ability to save these and provide a version to the customer.


The challenges

Customer requirements can be complex and are very specific, a bespoke supply chain needs to be designed for each customer.
The sales team need to be able to easily edit any supply chains and save their changes. Limited face time with customers and potential customers mean the process must be quick.
Appointments take place in a variety of environments, therefore the solution must not be reliant upon an internet connection. The whole sales team need to be able to use the solution.

Our creative strategy

We identified that the TNT sales force were using iPads for their sales presentations, therefore it would make sense to create an app that could be loaded on the iPad.
By creating a bank of appropriate icons the sales teams would be able to quickly create bespoke supply chain diagrams in any situation, whether stood in a factory or sat round a boardroom table.


What did we create?

We created a bespoke sales app for use on the iPad that allows the sales person to select relevant elements from a bank of icons and drawing tools to create a supply chain visual that shows the customer the supply chain TNT can put in place to best suit their needs.
The supply chains can be saved and later emailed to the customer as confirmation.
The app was packaged up and loaded in to the TNT company App Store where the sales team could download it to their iPads.

Training on how to use the app was delivered at their quarterly sales meeting.



Feedback has been very positive from the 200 strong sales team who have been successfully using the app to convert new business.