The Podium Effect

With the help of Plus Two, GB Olympic Heptathlete Louise Hazel launched her own online fitness programme, enabling subscribers to receive access to 90 day fitness programmes with daily video work outs and nutrition plans.

The challenges

Plus Two were commissioned to design and develop a new Podium Effect website, along with a launch strategy which included a strong focus on social media to drive interest and traffic to the website.

Launching a new product into a popular market provided the challenge of creating a brand that appealed to the audience, along with a website that placed a strong emphasis on user experience.

Our creative strategy

We began by developing the website to be visually appealing with user experience at the heart of the design process. As an online product it was vital that the website was simple to use and engaging to encourage visitors to purchase the fitness programme.
A strong focus was placed on social media and building a community of engaged users, which underpinned our marketing strategy for the project.

Woman With Ball Working Out To Fitness DVD On TV In Bedroom

What did we create?

We developed an e-commerce website enabling users to subscribe to and access the 90 day video training programmes. This was supported by a social media strategy focused on promoting the new brand by providing health and exercise tips from Louise herself as well as motivational and inspirational content to encourage the target audience to undertake exercise of all kinds as well as signing up for a subscription to The Podium Effect.

A social media strategy and content plan was developed for an initial period of 6 months. At the time of launch sharing small graphical e-cards was popular across social media, using this to our advantage we designed up a number of ecards with these tips and motivational quotes, subtly branded with The Podium Effect and seeded them via social media. Louise also carried out a live twitter Q/A weekly utilising the hashtag #AskLouise.

A group of ambassadors were selected to be featured in social updates with progress images shared online to motivate prospective subscribers. Each ambassador then begun to share their own experiences on social media and word of mouth recommendations gained momentum.

Photographed by John Wright


The Results

Louise Hazel, The Podium Effect said:

The Plus Two team came up with fantastic advice, strategy, solutions and recommendations, all the way from the initial design through user experience to SEO it was all highly considered at each stage in the website development process. This was very reassuring for someone fairly new to the process. They created the best possible solution to meet the requirements of the business.

They also worked on a social media strategy to aid the launch of the website, this was well thought out and executed enabling the successful launch of The Podium Effect with regular, engaging social media activity used to help build up the brand and increase engagement.