Technicolor, the technology leader of digital innovation in the media and entertainment sectors, were celebrating 100 years of achievements in entertainment and technological innovation.
To mark the occasion, Technicolor wanted to develop a microsite to showcase their successes over the past century. In addition, Technicolor also required a design and development update to their industry thought leadership platform, The Future Trust.


The challenges

To liaise with the Technicolor team in the Paris and LA offices to co-ordinate the delivery of the projects.

To create and optimise 2 new websites for a wide range of browsers, including Internet Explorer 8 to ensure widespread accessibility.

To deliver creative solutions in-line with the innovative and forward-thinking nature of the Technicolor brand.

Integrate complex and bespoke functionality into a simple to use open source CMS system

What did we create?

As industry leaders in digital information, media and entertainment, Technicolor required a creative and innovative solution for both platforms.

For the 100 years celebratory microsite a highly interactive design was necessary to encourage engagement with the website. We set about creating a visually engaging website that showcases Technicolor’s achievements across film, television and digital technology. As the website needs to be updated regularly throughout the celebratory 100th year, we developed an easy to use WordPress CMS so that Technicolor has the freedom to add new content as and when required. Visit the website at

For the second project, the redesign and development of the existing Future Trust thought leadership website. They wanted to expand on the growing success of the website to facilitate even more open discussion within the industry, and encourage active participation amongst readers.

The Future Trust website was created to share insights into innovation across the entertainment technology industry, and encourage active discussion amongst industry leaders. While the website had historically been successful in generating interest, improvements to navigation and visual appeal were required to further engage audiences. See the new website at





The team at Technicolor were thrilled with the final websites and feedback has been very positive.
The 100 years celebratory microsite played a crucial role in celebrating and promoting Technicolor’s 100th anniversary year, and The Future Trust website has continued to garner interest from the digital entertainment and technology industry. 




1200 grid for designers and developers

1200 grid for designers and developers