Stevenson James

Stevenson James provide specialist services to the private capital and alternative assets markets, focusing on investor relations, fundraising and investment activities.

Every year, they carry out an investor relations and fundraising survey, publishing the findings to share with clients and prospects.

We worked with Stevenson James initially in 2016 to overhaul the design of the Annual Investor Relations Survey, then again in 2017 to provide an updated version.

The challenges

The research provides a wealth of data that needs to be condensed and delivered in an easy to read, engaging and digestible format.

The brand’s Giraffe, used as a unique metaphor for ‘achieving the unreachable’ needed to be incorporated.

Our creative strategy

We created a clean layout in clear easy-to-define sections and utilised the bright colours of the brand to make the data more engaging.

In the 2016 version we introduced section breakers featuring different images of animals. Following the successful delivery and overall feedback of the 2016 version, Stevenson James wanted this year’s version to evolve but have the same aesthetic as before.

For 2017 we utilised imagery of different Giraffes on white backgrounds. Each selected to represent the different characteristics and traits of the Giraffe that could be related to the Stevenson James. They were accompanied by interesting facts about Giraffes.

What did we create?

We created a vibrant and engaging 44 page printed A4 brochure.

We also supplied a PDF version to enable Stevenson James to provide it as downloadable content via their website. The 2017 version can be seen here.