SSG Insight ROI Calculator

SSG Insight offer computerised maintenance management software solutions to enable their customers to manage facilities, work and service requests and people. Providing intelligent solutions to make intelligent business decisions that drive their continuous improvement and growth.

The challenges

Historically an excel spreadsheet had been used by sales reps during meetings with potential clients but the new calculator needed be usable by website visitors to self serve, and to deliver lead data back in to SSG Insight’s CRM platform.

There then needed to be an advanced version providing the opportunity for the sales reps to go through more advanced calculations to offer a more in-depth analysis of the potential cost savings.

Furthermore, the calculator needed to deal with a number of variables, including currencies and working hours.

Our creative strategy

We knew that the potential users would be time poor and want a quick and easy to use solution that was intuitive but offered the user more in-depth information and guidance should they need it. As the requirement was to be used by website visitors and by sales people out and about at meetings we decided a caching web app would be the best solution which could then print the results to a PDF which could easily be referred to later and shared via email.

The new brand set the style for the calculator.

What did we create?

We created two versions of the web app – one basic, to be used by website visitors and a second version with advanced sections for use by the sales reps in face to face meetings on a laptop of tablet. The basic version includes a data capture element that is integrated with their CRM system.

We also created the option for the user to download the results as a PDF, a generic format that can easily be emailed on to colleagues and to potential clients after a meeting.

Additionally a dashboard where all interactions and a record of all final calculations could be viewed was created to enable the sales reps and SSGInsight managers to keep a record of all interactions.

Visit the ROI calculator on the SSG Insight website.