Sandals Resorts

Sandals Resorts have grown up from humble beginnings in the Caribbean, their creator started in the Air Conditioning market! Now they have 16 luxury resorts all in the Caribbean catering for different types of holidays from Couples to Families, All inclusive and Ultra inclusive. 

The challenges

Sandals Resorts have a diverse portfolio of property and investments in the Caribbean which requires specialist Insurance from a number of different Brokers. They needed an effective way to explain to the Broker sector their portfolio, storm damage risks and their ability to get back up and running quickly when disaster strikes.

What did we create?

We researched the history of large scale Hurricanes and Tropical storms in the region to be able to create a password protected WordPress portal with Interactive map where Sandals could show the Insurance risk of each property in clickable locations which revealed various statistics about the property. The portal has downloadable PDF case studies, Video of hurricane damage and statistical charts to understand the risks to the Broker. We developed animations to show historical hurricane paths and how they affected the region. The portal tracks user statistics to provide Sandals with valuable insight.