NHS West Herts.

NHS Consultation in West Herts identified a need to facilitate the consolidation of their services, and cut costs across the region.

As part of this initiative a complete branding exercise was required.


The challenges

A key challenge of the campaign was to communicate a complicated proposition to broad cross-section of the general public. The creative needed to convey the messages clearly and effectively, often in

Our creative strategy

As an initiative that would impact the local people, a roadshow and publicity campaign was conducted to engage the West Herts community.

We conducted a naming brainstorm and brand workshop to develop concepts that would work with the existing NHS brand, whilst being suitable for the initiative and appealing to the core stakeholders.


What did we create?

The name ‘Your Care, Your Future’ was selected for the project and from there we developed the logo and brand identity along with accompanying assets.

Featuring a multi-coloured curve design to compliment the logotype, the Your Care, Your Future logo works alongside the existing NHS brand, while at the same time maintaining an identity of its own.

In addition to the brand logo we developed roadshow banner stands, infographic panels, posters and leaflets.

Using NHS stock photography and simple communication, we created accessible designs to engage the general public of all backgrounds and ethnicity.