International Private Finance.

International Private Finance (IPF) are an independent international mortgage broker providing finance solutions to individuals looking to buy properties abroad.


The challenges

Capturing all the relevant information needed from a potential client in order to pre-qualify their application requires them to provide a significant amount of information.
This posed a challenge in terms of encouraging potential clients to invest time in providing all the information.

Our creative strategy

Our eCRM strategy for IPF allowed us to streamline the process in a dynamic way, to ensure the relevant information is provided and the right questions are asked was vital. IPF’s clients are often purchasing second homes, therefore this is something that is looked in to in their spare time, often on a mobile device whilst dealing with everyday things.
This along with the lengthy nature of securing and purchasing a property abroad mean IPF need to ensure the experience is positive across all touch points and that IPF remain front of mind for all potential clients throughout the whole process.


What did we create?

Firstly we redeveloped the website to be responsive, to ensure all potential clients could access the website content whenever and wherever they are, whatever device they are using. We developed a dynamic online quotation form, broken down in phases and ordered strategically to only request relevant information and provide guidance to encourage potential clients to complete all the required fields whilst always providing the opportunity to save the form and come back to it later to avoid abandonment and capture as much data as possible.

In order to save the form an email address must be provided and a copy of the form is emailed to the client for reference. This also allows us to send follow up emails with reminders that the form is not yet complete alongside useful information to help potential clients with this process, positioning IPF as knowledgeable and helpful and ensuring they remain front of mind.

Once fully complete and submitted, the form is saved in the database and emailed direct to the most relevant member of the IPF team, depending on the answers completed. This ensures the client is allocated a key contact who specialises in their specific requirements.

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