Interel Group

Porphyria Awareness

We were approached by Interel Group, a Public Affairs Consultancy, to devise a solution for their client Orphan Europe. A unique pharmaceutical company focusing on the research and development of medicinal products for people affected by rare diseases. The campaign was to be focussed on insight sharing for Acute Porphyria to build awareness.


The challenges

Porphyrias are a group of inherited disorders that affect the body’s biosynthesis of Haem, vital for red blood cells to carry oxygen. Failure to recognise acute porphyrias may result in an unnecessary and avoidable death.
Acute attacks of porphyria are uncommon and diagnosis is very difficult.

Orphan Europe needed a way to raise awareness of porphyrias with health care professionals globally to increase early diagnosis of the disorder.

The target audience are always short on time and always being asked to absorb new diagnosis/research. They are comfortable with new technology.

Our creative strategy

We identified that video-based content made available on social media channels such as YouTube was the most effective way to get the message out quickly to the widest audience possible. The infographic video style is well known for making difficult content easier to digest.

The video content would be shareable and also hosted on industry websites and

This solution would also lend itself to creating alternative language versions.

Porphyria Storyboard

So what did we create?

Plus Two developed an animated video using the latest Kinetic Animation creative techniques. We initially storyboarded the video to ensure quick approval by all stakeholders and then animated the hard-hitting messages in After Effects. The success of the English language version led to demand for localised versions in French, German and Spanish.

A set of animated banners were developed for use on medical websites to drive traffic to



A cross-section of healthcare professionals who had viewed the video were contacted to get their views on its effectiveness.

They fedback that they can now recall the symptoms and would always think Porphyria even when standard tests seem negative and are also aware what further tests need to be run.