Hire Me My Way

The Hire Me My Way campaign is the brainchild of Timewise, a multi-award winning social business who have been a Plus Two client for over 5 years. The Big Lottery Fund provided support to Timewise to enable the Hire Me My Way campaign to be created. The aim being to transform the flexible jobs market, by encouraging more readily available part-time and flexible jobs across the UK. 

The challenges

The campaign had to reach a UK wide audience and deliver specific results to meet Lottery targets.

The website had to appeal and provide info to both employees and employers.

Social integration was key to improve the campaign reach and so special attention had to paid to this.

Our creative strategy

We looked to develop a bold, eye catching brand ID that communicated the essence of the campaign and would stand out when advertised through paid media and PR.
With the main KPIs being related to employees the creative strategy focussed on what would appeal to them in the first instance.
Furthermore, we know from experience, providing interactive features to engage the audience and eye catching shareable graphics helps encourage sharing and further promotion of the campaign.

What did we create?

We created a bold campaign ID and campaign website that engages the target audiences and encourages visitors to add their voice to the campaign. Once visitors have added their voice they are provided with a selection of reasons to share on social media as to why they’re supporting the campaign.

Infographics are used to communicate information and interactive features such as quizzes help to encourage further engagement with the campaign and provide added value to the online experience.

Visit the website at www.hirememyway.org.uk