Direct Line

Direct Line are an insurance services company offering a range of insurance services, including home insurance. Direct Line wanted an engaging and innovative way to show customers the cost of flood damage.

The challenges

Educating consumers to ensure they have the right level of home insurance to adequately cover the potential cost of damage caused by flooding.

When calculating the potential cost of flood damage, there are a number of things to consider this needed to be communicated in an engaging and positive way.  

Our creative strategy

By using data provided by The Flood School we were able to see that the cost implications of flood damage were quite dramatically affected by various factors including the level of flooding, the length of time the flood water is saturating the area, and all the physical objects and structural materials that would be affected.

As every home is different we wanted to create a way to allow the consumer to make the data more personal. We also wanted to ensure the stark data was shown creatively to encourage engagement.


What did we create?

We created an interactive infographic to showcase the relevant data with an interactive element to allow the user to produce a bespoke calculation.
Users can see the cost implications of flood damage over different time periods and levels of flooding, alongside the cost to different elements of the buildings structure and contents.
This provides the user with the data in a more memorable manner and encourages the user to consider the level of home insurance they have in place.