Del Monte


Del Monte launched a new range of ambient fruit juices called Occasions. The range of flavours, including Mojito and Margarita, were created to enjoy with or without the addition of alcohol. The marketing campaign ‘Making Occasions Great’ positions the range as perfectly suited to take along with you to any social occasion such as barbecues, parties with friends etc.

The challenges

The Occasions range was brand new, and a departure from Del Monte’s core product offering, which they are well known for. They needed to appeal to young professionals who are actively going to social occasions on a regular basis. They had a limited budget and needed to make a splash with PR that could be marketed through their social media channels to reach their target market and get them engaged with the new brand quickly, in time for the summer party season.

Del Monte-range

Our creative strategy

We looked at their target market – young professionals attending parties, barbecues, festivals etc with their friends. We identified that a humorous, fun and creative app for smartphones was the best way to quickly get good PR coverage, engagement and awareness through social media activity.

What did we create?

We developed the Conversation Emergency App. At parties and other social occasions it can often be quite daunting meeting new people for the first time, or you might simply have run out of things to say to that person you’ve managed to get stuck in a corner with! That’s where the Conversation Emergency app comes in, with a database of over 200 questions carefully crafted to start a conversation with someone. Just hit the Conversation Emergency panic button and the app runs through a series of questions you can use.

The app itself can be a great conversation starter as well, as a large proportion of the questions selected are very humorous!



The app was downloaded over 6,000 times in the first 2 weeks of the PR campaign helping the Occasions brand to get established in the UK.
Download the app here.