Akesson’s Organic

Due to security issues with their existing website and an outdated design, Akesson’s Organic required the development of a brand new website to showcase and sell their high-end range of chocolate and tropical foods. Akesson’s Organic have plantations in Madagascar, Brazil and Indonesia that supply products to world-famous chocolatiers and chefs. They have a passion for the highest quality foods, sourced in a sustainable way, and so it was vital that the website conveyed this.


The challenges

Plus Two were commissioned to develop the new website, along with refreshing the design and improving the overall user experience on the website. Akesson’s Organic also wanted to include additional ecommerce functionality to offer visitors the option to purchase products on the website. This provided a challenge in terms of creating a system that included various delivery guidelines and a range of different products.

Our creative strategy

We began by developing the website in WordPress, using a secure and responsive framework. To include the additional ecommerce functionality required user experience considerations to ensure visitors could easily find the products they were looking for. As Akesson’s Organic required the option to manage the postage and order guidelines, we opted for a PayPal integrated payment system to provide a multi-featured shopping cart solution that catered for their needs.


What did we create?

We designed and developed an ecommerce website that effectively communicated the high quality of the Akesson’s Organic brand, and the strong values that they hold.

As Akesson’s Organic have suppliers in various locations around the world, the website needed to accommodate multi-language options, and an easy-to-use CMS to make regular updates to the content. Visit the website at www.akessons-organic.com.

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