ACS Schools

ACS International Schools are a group of schools that were founded to serve the needs of global families. Now ACS educates over 3,700 students and achieves sensational results.
ACS wanted an infographic to reflect their phenomenal successes and show the statistics of their exam results exclusively and in relation to worldwide averages

The challenges

Students at ACS schools undertake an International Baccalaureate (IB) which is less common in the UK, therefore we need to showcase the results in a way that promotes the successes but allows comparisons to A levels and makes the results understandable.

The infographic needs to appeal to different audiences, primarily current and prospective families.

ACS have 4 schools, therefore the infographic needs to be easily re-purposed using the specific school’s colours and data.

Typically, we advise that infographics are designed around the data but in this case we needed a full design ready to go before the results were announced, enabling the actual data to be input just before distribution.

Our creative strategy

By using the data for the previous exam results we were able to establish the type of data we would get from ACS, and create a design based on this.

As 4x versions of the infographic were required, and each of the schools has it’s own signature colour, a style that used a strong base colour which would compliment each of the 4 school colours was a great way to make the design re-usable and maintain a consistent feel across the school portfolio.

Taking the single school colour we then utilised a gradient of each to expand the colour pallette and create more depth within the infographic. The introduction of drop shadows further helped to add depth to the data.

The limited colour pallette and the consistent layout enabled the versioning of the infographic to be as efficient as possible once the initial master was approved.


What did we create?

We created an eye catching infographic to show exam results, creating a flow that allowed exam results to be viewed alongside a comparison to worldwide averages for IB achievements.

The infographic was versioned for the 4x schools and provided as A4 PDF printables for distribution as part of PR activity and for use by the admissions team, these were then reformatted for use on the ACS schools website. You can view the 2017 ACS Cobham results infographic here.