You’ll want Lily in your life.

Robin HamiltonCreative Director

Introducing Lily.

She’s a ‘throw and go’ selfie drone that will follow your every move, tracking whatever activity you are doing.

Capturing amazing aerial footage or photos for up to 20 minutes, Lily will fly a maximum of 15m and a minimum of 1.75m above her owner’s head, to avoid accidents, and has an average speed of 15 miles per hour.

Lily is designed for the active types among us: a hovering alternative to the GoPro camera, with the added benefit of shooting footage of the user, rather than just a first-person viewpoint. Owners can wear a tracking device to ensure that Lily follows them, with the device hovering in place and trying to recover the signal if it loses the wearer, before landing “smoothly” – an action also taken if it runs out of battery.

It is an amazingly simple idea, and gets great results. We may just use it next time we are drinking outside the pub!






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