Creating smart, tech-lead solutions.

Nick CockburnManaging Director

You create smart, tech-led solutions? Show me!

Here at Plus Two, we pride ourselves in developing smart, creative and technology-led solutions. This has been deeply embedded in the Plus Two brand since its formation.

We were one of the first multimedia agencies in the UK, which then became known as New Media, then Interactive….and latterly Digital!

We’ve been building tech-led smart solutions for clients for nearly two decades:-

• We pioneered eCommerce websites in the nineties with Hackett Menswear.
• We developed the first Medical Electronic Detail Aid programs for brands such as Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer.
• We were one of the first agencies to adopt Adobe technology in the UK to build desktop applications for organisations like Mars confectionery.
• Our Head of Development built the first online mortgage calculator for Nationwide.
• We were appointed as Launch Application Partner, one of the first agencies in the UK, for BlackBerry.
• We were the first Agency globally to have a business presentation app on iPads and Android tablets.
• We created the first Augmented reality marketing campaign for the tourism sector in the UK.

We create our own Applications to streamline and enhance productivity for our clients. Our flagship app, Presentia, is a business presentation platform used globally by large corporate organisations such as Virgin Atlantic, TNT, L’Oreal and Red Bull.

Presentia is a good example of spotting an opportunity and developing a great solution to address a Corporate need. Marketing teams struggle to ensure consistent, on-brand, effective presentations across large sales teams – typically it’s the wild west with Powerpoint!

Presentia gives you central control of your brand from a marketing perspective and more engaging and effective presentations from the sales side. Your presentations can be interactive and content-rich. You can track effectiveness of presentation content in the field as well, with visibility of what slides and presentations are being used most frequently to help convert new business.

Presentia can be used on PC’s and Apple Macs and you can also present on iPad and Android tablets too.

Our Presentia app has constantly evolved and developed over a 10 year period with features requested from its extensive business user base. The software is a big beast with over 50,000 lines of code at the last count!

Presentia definitely illustrates Plus Two’s credentials for developing smart, technology-led business solutions.

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