What makes a good working environment?.

Robin HamiltonCreative Director

Our recent move from the bright lights of Soho to the epicentre of street performance, Covent Garden, has not only provided us with a new commute but has also given us in an entirely new working environment.

This got me thinking about what could be the ideal office space for fostering creativity and encouraging productivity.

After a quick dig around online, I found some recurring themes in articles and research exploring productivity in the workplace. An office that is well-lit, warm, tidy, and well-equipped with comfortable chairs and good facilities offers a great environment to positively impact productivity, irrespective of industry and discipline.

So how can you inspire creativity within your team? What other factors could encourage the creation of outstanding work and ensure the regular flow of great ideas?


Having more creative people around me has inspired my creativity, from hearing discussions on idea generation to glimpsing beautiful designs on screens has got me eager to create. A bit of humour also helps to keep things light hearted and creates a positive environment to work in.


A range of working areas are great for a change of scenery every now and then. Our new office has some great breakout spaces, sofas, a big balcony for a spot of fresh air, and meeting rooms for when you need a bit of focus. Additionally, we have a wealth of coffee shops on our doorstep to escape to for a quick caffeine hit.


Sound is a big one for me. Most of the time, I like a bit of buzz. I like listening to music, and the type of music can shape the environment too. If there is too much noise, our team take to their headphones and collaboration dips dramatically.


Good snacks keep my spirits high. Nuts and fruit give me a pick up but don’t give me the sugar crash of sweets and chocolate. Note to self: go easy on the biscuits. A bit of alcohol relaxes my mind and gets me thinking more openly, so the bar in the new office also gets a thumbs up from me.

I will be interested in whether these “cool” tech types of office, with slides and games rooms, will fade away. Either way, if you’re an employer trying to inspire creativity you can’t get away with an uninspiring office of silos. I am a believer in keeping it simple, so I think give your employees the basics and then let them shape it but be careful to keep a continuous focus on improving your environment, as your early habits in a new environment will quickly stick.


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