We check our phones 50 times per day.

Nick CockburnManaging Director

Smartphone users are “increasingly obsessed” with their phones and tablets a recent report suggests.

More than a third of Britons check their phones between 25 to 50 times a day according to Deloitte. Their study of 4,000 people found that one in ten reaches for their device first thing in the morning. Their ritual is repeated at bedtime with over a quarter checking for notifications within five minutes of hitting the sack!

Deloitte said the smartphone is “more intertwined with our lives than ever”.

This is never more apparent than on my daily commute to the agency. I have a 40 minute train journey to/from London and this morning I thought I’d count the number of commuters not on their smartphone/tablet. For the purposes of research I also lumped in Kindle users too, which I know distorts the experiment somewhat but I decided we are looking at screen activity here!

From my vantage point in the middle of the carriage I could see 22 commuters. Only 3 were not looking at a phone/tablet/Kindle! This backed up the theory, I thought as I typed this blog post into my iPad! And one of the 3 was actually asleep so we cannot be certain that he doesn’t usually look at his phone on the train!

When I get to London I take a 3 stop underground journey. The tube used to be a relatively device free experience a year or two ago, with most people favouring the good old Metro newspaper. But now with Virgin WiFi available in most tube stations the trend has changed. Once again we see a high level of smartphone action with people hitting refresh as they pull into stations and reconnect with the WiFi!

All this professional and amateur research only goes to prove three things…. people are obsessed with looking at their phones, more people than ever own multiple devices… and opticians are going to be very successful as our eyesight starts to suffer from all this staring at small screens!


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