The keys to creativity.

Robin HamiltonCreative Director

Make a start

I always think the hardest part of going for a run is putting on my running shoes. Most of us are procrastinators and smart phones have made it easy for hours to slip through our fingers. If you want to be more creative – make a start. Put your ideas into action. Block out a few hours, turn off your phone and go for it.
Quote: “To begin, begin” – William Wordsworth


Learn to fail

Creating is an iterative process. Be prepared to fail and adapt. Don’t be too proud. Show people your process and get feedback but don’t take it too personally. Once the initial excitement phase has worn off and things aren’t looking exactly as you had envisaged, be determined, work hard and push on through.
Quote: “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” – English proverb


Find inspiration

Most of the best creative work is based on a collection of stolen ideas that have been adapted, grown and morphed into something new. Hopefully the outcome will be better than the original ideas.
I love Dribbble, Behance and Tumblr for design inspiration, awwwards and codepen for web inspiration, and unsplash for photography inspiration. A walk, a holiday, or a bit of exploration are just as good as the internet I find.
Always carry a camera and a notepad (or a tablet if you prefer), so you can capture your ideas as they happen.
Quote: “Steal like an artist” – Austin Kleon


Be curious

Everyone views the world differently. Try to see the world in different ways yourself. Ignore the rules, break your habits. Take a different route, try something new.
Surround yourself with people who think differently to you and ask them questions. The more you look the more you will see.
Quote: “Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity” – Unknown and curious




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