Optimise Your Marketing Budget.

Robin HamiltonCreative Director

No matter when your marketing budget arrives, all year round you find yourself in the process of delicately planning how to can make the most of every penny. As a creative technology agency, we spend a lot of our time with clients developing intricate strategies to ensure the best results for any budget.

We would love to help everyone, so we have compiled some of our best tips for optimising any marketing budget:

  • Make sure you are tracking your site. How can you measure without knowing all the facts? Set up Google Analytics and keep an eye on your traffic
  • Focus on search engine optimisation (SEO) – getting your meta data to the best it can be and concentrating on ensuring your website content is relevant can help you increase your leads through organic search
  • When organic search fails, try paid search. If you can get a longer term or lifetime value out of leads, it could well be worth paying for your AdWords campaigns to be hitting the top spot.
  • Stay in contact with everyone – email them, call them, talk to them. Everyone you meet could be a useful contact, now or in the future, so its worth building and maintaining relationships
  • Social media can be entirely free but is often the best way to reach people. Staying active on social media channels and regularly adding content is the best way to build a following. It’s a marketing outlet and a communication channel for talking to your clients
  • Workshop with your marketing agency – they can help you come up with a strategy to meet your needs and budget. Feel free to contact us if you haven’t got an agency yet

Hopefully these tips give you a good starting point for getting the most out of your marketing. If you would like to discuss other strategies and ways to stretch your budget a little further, Plus Two are on hand to help.


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