Introducing Adsense Auto Ads.

Robin HamiltonCreative Director

On introducing Auto ads, Google claimed that “Auto ads use machine learning to make smart placement and monetization decisions on your behalf, saving you time”.

The process for using Auto ads is relatively simple, just requiring Adsense code to be copied and pasted into your website code. Then as usual on your Adsense account you just need to select the ad formats you’d like to show, and they will show on your webpage where google thinks would be the most optimum location.

This development provides a prime example of how companies are using artificial intelligence to benefit users. This relies on technology powered machine learning, meaning that it will be likely that users see increased results over time.

Benefits of the additions to Adsense include that they are easy to use, make a better use of investment and only perform when they are likely to contribute to a good user experience, likely meaning increased revenue.

There are fears that some publishers may not take to being removed for ad placement decisions but, with the potential to save a lot of time testing ad placement, the likelihood is that many will accept the changes as a way to be more productive and optimise their success with on page advertisement.


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