Why infographics?.

Robin HamiltonCreative Director

The use of infographics has increased by a staggering 9,900% over the past 10 years! Put simply an infographic is a presentation of information through visual means. They can come in many forms (maps, timelines, charts) and often infographics are made up of a number of these, particularly in the more complex examples. Since we are asked to create so many infographics for our clients, we decided to create our own to provide some key information on why infographics are so useful and successful.


There seems to be an extensive, and potentially never-ending, list of benefits to opting for use of an infographic. Some of the most obvious are that they allow people to get lots of information fast, they particularly suit those with shorter attention spans (especially useful when trying to catch the attention of busy clients!), they can be shared across multiple platforms, they can improve SEO when shared online, they can be branded, they are a nice way of sometimes presenting rather dull data/information and with the rise in popularity of the interactive infographic, they are becoming even more compelling and engaging.

The reason we all love infographics simply comes back to the fact that we are visual beings, as seen above, 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. And in a world in which there is never enough time, a quicker and more fun way to digest information is always going to reign supreme.

However, as great as they are, we understand that it isn’t always easy to decipher data and design and build your own infographic. Therefore, to offer a helping hand, here are our TEN TOP TIPS for creating an infographic:



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