Evolving our brand.

Robin HamiltonCreative Director

At Plus Two we are strong believers in the strength of a brand identity and never advocate changing a company moniker lightly. Afterall your brand name is the best, instantly recognisable, tangible, memorable piece of marketing collateral you have.

For example, contrast “I can recommend an agency called Plus Two as they created a fantastic website for us’ against ‘Yes the company that did our website were great, I’ll dig out their details… nice bunch of geeky designy types’!

Think Coca Cola… no need to change and we all instantly know what they sell.

Don’t change your well established name unless there is a concrete 100% compelling reason to do so. Otherwise you are risking an identity crisis. Think Royal Mail to Consignia (and then back to Royal Mail)….T-Mobile to Everything Everywhere to ‘EE’, and don’t get me started on Marathon/Snickers!

Our Plus Two brand has been around since 1984. That’s 30 years of history which you don’t ideally disregard on a whim. OK, so Plus Two doesn’t express what our agency is about in this modern digital world but then does AKQA, Publicis or WPP?!

We’re often asked why the company is called Plus Two. Well when the original Director started up the business he became very busy very quickly. This necessitated getting professional and employing more people. So there was a need for a company name and a need for two new employees….. “Plus Two”…bingo.

Recently, we have felt that we need to express the ethos of Plus Two and how we approach projects and client relationships. Prospective new clients who don’t know of Plus Two want to understand what differentiates us from other digital agencies. If we use the Coca Cola analogy and take a look at their packaging they now roll with ‘Coca Cola – Real taste. Uplifting refreshment’. You may not agree with the sentiment but you know what it is all about!

It is with this need to better express our personality and client offering that we’ve developed our new brand identity. We hope you like it!


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