Design and Football.

Robin HamiltonCreative Director

I love design. I love football. There is overlap.

Design has always gone hand in hand with football, from kit design, to stadium architecture, and of course the match day programme. And now with the rise of social media, there is a whole host of digital content flying around.

The rise of data in the game has led to opportunities for infographics, and the influx in money in and around the game has led to excellent advertising from TV companies and gambling companies.

Money and data don’t always lead to success on the field, as we have seen with the current league positions of Leicester (1) and Chelsea (13) this season. This unpredictability is something that keeps fans on the edge of their seats and always wanting more.

Aside from BBC Football’s reliability & Football 365s witty user commentary, I like to mix my passions for design and football by seeking out more beautiful and interesting content. Here are my top 5 blogs in honour of the round thing.  

In Bed With Maradonna


A brilliantly detailed and well written journal, seeking out new perspectives and always accompanied with brilliant photography.

12elfth Man


Bristol based Pete Martin has merged football and creativity and his blog is full of interesting morsels.

The Green Soccer Journal


The Green Soccer Journal is primarily a quarterly magazine, but the website content gives you a peek at the beautiful and stylish content they produce. A definite read for any fashionistas.

Howler Magazine


This blog is from over the Atlantic, so they do refer to football as soccer, but that can be forgiven due to some of the great content they are producing, such as this.

The Bootiful Game


Purely for infographics, there are some nice snippets here, particularly the race to 100 goals. Sadly it isn’t regularly updated.

About my football background:

I played football at youth level for Brighton and Hove Albion and Crawley Town, was involved in the longest penalty shoot out in FA Cup history (as it stands) whilst playing for Littlehampton Town, and I currently play in the AFA London amateur league for UCL Academicals.


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