Current Marketing Trends: The Seminar.

Robin HamiltonCreative Director

Yesterday we had the pleasure of participating in a Seminar titled ‘Current Marketing Trends’ in conjunction with the City Business Library and Club Workspace. The theme of the event was around content – creating, promoting and propelling.

After an initial networking session to get to know everyone in the room, we took the stage first for a short 20 minute session on infographics – what they are, why they are a great way to reach your target audience and how you can create your own with our top ten tips.

You can take a look at our slides here, or view the insight post that we based our talk on here.

Following our talk there was another great bite size session on how to identify and engage with relevant influencers, which got us thinking about the power of podcasts as a vehicle for engaging with various audiences.

Further to that, we observed another thought provoking talk about using hashtags. We were surprised to learn that there are in fact over 60,000 banned hashtags on Instagram! Who knew!
It was great to engage with some very interesting new people and learn more about what they do. To discuss ideas and approaches across so many different industries was a real highlight.

All in all, the event was a great success with every attendee leaving with some food for thought – even the speakers!


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