Channel 4 – All 4.

Robin HamiltonCreative Director

The new digital branding for UK’s Channel 4 and their All 4 network is a great example of a thoroughly thought out and expertly executed design project. It pays homage to the original 1980s groundbreaking logo but modernizes the children’s block theme for the digital age. The logo is designed to be interactive – when a user navigates through the All 4 digital platform, the logo will respond to highlight each channel brand.

The channel as a whole has also gone through a complete redesign, with new idents and a brand new set of display and information fonts designed by the iconic typographer Neville Brody. These are named Chadwick and Horseferry after the locations of the Channel 4 Studios in London.

Unusually for a TV channel, the logo will not be seen in each ident but instead the separate blocks that make up the logo are subtley shown.



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