Business Cards with NFC tech.

Nick CockburnManaging Director

Remember the scene in ‘American Psycho’, where Patrick Bateman sits with his friends in his office, comparing business cards? Remember how jealous he is of his mate’s nimbus white cards, set in Romalian type, raised letters and watermarks?

Well what would Patrick Bateman think of the latest NFC enabled business cards

nfc cards1 business cards are individually embedded with a (nearly) invisible NFC chip. You can enable your cards on Moo’s online platform to link straight to websites, social media channels, display contact details etc. Then just tap the card against an NFC-enabled device/Smartphone and whoosh! You can also update them any time you like when details change.

Smart technology or what?

Moo create amazing business cards with the option of having different images on the back of each one.
We recently updated our Plus Two brand and Moo produced a great set of cards for us:-



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