Workman LLP is the largest, independent commercial property management and building consultancy firm in the UK.
They manage over 3,500 properties throughout the UK. They are industry leaders and wanted a more effective way to communicate with clients and prospects using email.


The challenges

Workman wanted to share all their industry knowledge and insights with clients and prospects in order to remain front of mind and compete against much larger brands in the industry sector.

Our creative strategy

Workman needed a communications plan with a way to distribute the content to the relevant target audience who are always on the move. On site at properties using smart phones for their business communications. Therefore responsive email design was paramount.


What did we create?

We worked closely with Workman to develop an email marketing content plan to promote whitepapers, legislation change announcements, industry insights and general Workman news.

Research in to the target audience confirmed email communications as the ideal medium for circulating the content. To begin with we cleansed the existing client and prospect databases to create structured segments, ensuring the audience would receive the most relevant content. We also made updates to the website to improve the data capture function and continue to develop the email lists moving forward.

Branded email and landing page templates were designed and developed to send out the regular content to the relevant audiences based on the content plan and drive the recipient to the site via a specific landing page providing more information on the relevant topic.

The improved email communications strategy also makes it more efficient when Workman need to be reactive to any urgent industry news. They can quickly send out email bulletins to their database.