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Following a competitive pitch to the VP for Brand & Creative at Discovery Networks Western Europe, we are delighted to announce that the Discovery Channel has chosen our presentation app PresentiaFX to manage their presentations throughout Europe.

The Discovery Channel are an exciting, dynamic and forward thinking media company. Traditionally their sales teams have not had a consistent style or level of quality for their presentations. Often sales people would cut and paste low res imagery off the web and distributing up to date promo video showreels has proved very challenging.

A pilot group has just gone live across both Western and Eastern Europe divisions of Discovery with our state of the art presentation app PresentiaFX which helps brands control the quality of their sales presentations. You can lock fonts, layouts, colours and ensure only the latest content and assets are used by sales teams on a global basis. You can present on PC, Mac, iPad or Android tablets and PresentiaFX tracks when sales people use the app and what is shown the most often in meetings.

We are delighted to have Discovery as a new PresentiaFX client. For more info about our presentation software PresentiaFX please click here




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Porphyrias are a group of rare inherited metabolic disorders which are often misdiagnosed by medical practitioners. We were asked by Interel, one of London’s leading Public Affairs companies to produce an educational video animation to communicate the symptoms of Porphyria to reduce the level of misdiagnosis.

We storyboarded the video from a written brief and then animated the piece using a mixture of 2D, 3D and AfterEffects techniques. We have also produced a suite of animated web banners to run across industry websites. For more information about Porphyrias please visit www.porphyria.org.uk

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Plus Two has been appointed by Workman LLP as their Digital Marketing Agency. Workman LLP is the largest independent commercial property management and building consultancy firm in the UK.

Workman manage over 3,500 properties throughout the UK with a capital value in excess of £16bn. They employ over 500 professionals specialising in property surveying, accounting and business management. Although they are the largest independent firm in the UK their profile is not such that clients would fully appreciate everything they can offer.

Plus Two have been appointed to raise this profile via digital marketing activity on the website and by carrying out content writing, guest blogging, social media management, Linkedin profile management, Google+ etc. We offer a full range of digital marketing services under our umbrella service, AIM: Affordable Intelligent Marketing.
Click here for more information about our digital marketing service AIM



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Infographic for HPI

We’ve just started working with HPI, the leading provider of vehicle checking services when you buy a car. HPI has been checking the histories of used cars since 1938.

First design project was a little infographic for a publication aimed at learner drivers.

HPI hold a wealth of data and statistics about vehicles. This includes the number of stolen cars, cars written off in accidents, cars that have been modified, re-registered etc.

Our infographic goes to press this month. We are now looking at the design of their presentations on iPads that they use when meeting dealerships.







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Results by Design

You may have noticed a change to the way we position our Plus Two brand now with the introduction of our brand ethos: ‘Results by Design’

We are strong believers in the strength of a brand name and never advocate changing a company moniker lightly. Afterall  your brand name is the best, instantly recognisable, tangible, memorable piece of marketing collateral you have.

For example, contrast “I can recommend an agency called Plus Two as they created a fantastic website for us’ against ‘Yes the company that did our website were great, I’ll dig out their details… nice bunch of geeky designy types’!

Think Coca Cola… no need to change and we all instantly know what they sell.

Don’t change your well established name unless there is a concrete 100% compelling reason to do so. Otherwise you are risking an identity crisis. Think Royal Mail to Consignia (and then back to Royal Mail)….T-Mobile to Everything Everywhere to ‘EE’, and don’t get me started on Marathon/Snickers!

Our Plus Two brand has been around since 1984. That’s 30 years of history which you don’t ideally disregard on a whim. OK, so Plus Two doesn’t express what our agency is about in this modern digital world but then does AKQA, Publicis or WPP?!

I’m often asked why the company is called Plus Two. Well when the original Director started up the business he became very busy very quickly. This necessitated getting professional and employing more people. So there was a need for a company name and a need for two new employees….. “Plus Two”…bingo.

Recently, we have felt that we need to express the ethos of Plus Two and how we approach projects and client relationships. Prospective new clients who don’t know of Plus Two want to understand what differentiates us from other digital agencies.  If we use the Coca Cola analogy and take a look at their packaging they now roll with ‘Coca Cola – Real taste. Uplifting refreshment’. You may not agree with the sentiment but you know what it is all about!

Now embarking on a new brand essence/ethos/strapline project can take a lot of time… and being a very busy agency at Plus Two we just can’t afford that luxury!

So we allowed ourselves just 30 minutes and put four creative brains in a room. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you focus. It was like an episode of Channel 4′s Countdown! (prefer the 8 out of 10 cats version BTW!)

Everything Plus Two designs for clients is focussed on delivering an end result e.g. uplift in sales, increase in web traffic, more product awareness etc.

With this firmly lodged in the brain cells our ‘Speed Brainstorming’ crack team nailed it (in 29 minutes to be precise!).

Ladies and gentlemen we present to you: Plus Two – Results by Design.

Feeling suitably smug with our newly developed brand ethos, and speedy decision making, we felt we should take the same approach to Results by Design’s identity.

We designed a lot of good options and the decision process could have been very torturous until we thought ‘Why have just the one style when we can have many?’

So we are now rolling out the different typeface approaches and intend mixing them up across all our client communications – website, email signatures, proposals etc.

Results by Design brand styles

Results by Design… keeps us focussed on delivering the right result for all your projects this year and for many more years to come.

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